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ABOUT 50|50 Pay


How do I sign up for 50|50 Pay?

Currently, 50|50 Pay is only available to consumers through our merchant partners; however, it’s quick and easy to apply while purchasing from our partner locations. 

How do I use 50|50 Pay?

Exclusive to our merchant partners, 50|50 Pay can be used by consumers to assist in the purchase of larger ticket item products and services.  You make a down payment and we provide the necessary financing to bridge the gap to the total purchase price. 

Where can I use 50|50 Pay?

50|50 Pay is an exclusive service provided to merchant partners.  Our services can only be used when making a purchase with this select group of businesses, and should not be considered as an open line of credit.

What is required to have a 50|50 Pay account?

Applying is quick and easy.  Simply have a valid driver’s license and proof of income ready and we’ll do the rest.    

Does 50/50 Pay perform a credit check?

50|50 Pay may perform a hard credit inquiry as part of our underwriting process.  Inquiries may or may not affect your FICO score.  For many people, one additional credit inquiry (voluntary and initiated by an application for credit) may not effect their FICO score at all.  Our belief is that a credit score is only one piece of the puzzle when looking at an individual’s creditworthiness.  We prefer to evaluate consumers on a number of other things besides a credit score.  Therefore, we do not turn away individuals simply because they have bad or no credit.  However, we do a soft credit check that does not impact your credit score.

Do I have a credit limit with 50|50Pay?

After careful review you will be approved for 50% of the purchase price.  50|50 Pay does not offer traditional “credit,” rather financing on 50% of the purchase amount.

Does 50|50 Pay charge any fees or interest?

As with any lender, we do indeed charge interest to be determined upon approval.  We typically offer 12 month loans that are payable in equal installments and do not have any hidden fees or early payment penalties.

Is 50|50 Pay licensed to lend?

Yes, we are, and you can view our license.  Click here to view.


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Where can I review my 50|50 Pay account information?

Not only is our application process easy, so is account maintenance.  At any time, simply login to our customer portal to view your balance, payment schedule, documents and more.

How do I return and get a refund for my purchase?

A refund must be made directly through our merchant partners.  Once a return has been accepted at their location they will refund a part of the total to 50|50 Pay.  If a return is accepted within the first 30 days 50|50 Pay will waive any accrued interest.

How do I dispute a purchase on my 50|50 Pay account?

Please contact client services at 855-440-5050.




How do I pay my bills?

We make paying your bill as easy as possible as we can scheduling direct withdrawal from your bank account.  No paper bills, no worries of missed payments; however, if you prefer you can mail a check directly to us.        

Will you send me billing reminders?

No, as you will be aware of the loan schedule upon loan origination.

When are my bills due?

Your payment schedule will mirror your pay dates at a predetermined frequency based on your pay frequency.  Your schedule can be found on your loan agreement.

What if I need more time to pay my bill?

Please call 855-440-5050 and speak to one of our customer liaisons.

I do not agree with the amount on my bill. What should I do?

Please call 855-440-5050 and speak to one of our customer liaisons. 

What happens if I pay off my loan early?

Simply put, nothing.  You will not be incur any additional pre-payment penalty fees or charges should you choose to pay your loan off early.

What happens to my payments if the merchant gives me a partial refund?

Any refunds that are applied to your account by our partners will be applied to your account and adjustments will be made.  Upon application of the refund, you are still required to maintain the payment schedule until the remaining balance is paid in full.




How do I close my account?

Simply pay your entire balance and your account will close automatically.

What is 50|50 Pay Privacy Policy? 

Click Here to view our Privacy Policy.

What are 50|50 Pay Terms and Conditions? 

Click Here to view our Terms and Conditions.